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Lamented Growth Application Empty Lamented Growth Application

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:34 am
About Lamented Growth:

Simple and easy folks, as for roles, I'd like to keep it diverse but if Mezza has a horde of angels or demons out for him so be it.

Name: (Got a name?)

Age: (How old be you, maybe we've crossed paths in the many years)

Alias: (What do people know you by)

Role: (Looking to fill the role of the Angel/Demon/Enigma or just gonna be a normal person)

Powers: (What makes you different from the mortals of mundane times)

Skills: (What do you do that you had to learn from the beginning rather than learn to control)

Likes:(Bonds are made with similarities along with other things.)

Dislikes:(Who knows maybe something may occur in this field)

Back Story:(Doesn't need to be a full blown autobiography)

Image/Description of Character: (What you lookin like?)

And here is an example app.

Name: Mezza Bryne

Age: ~4500yrs old

Alias: Fear

Role: The Lamented (obviously not the one you will be but doesn't mean you can't have said character grow too)

Powers: Nether Manipulation honed into the power of destruction and use of magicks and soul capturing, Shape Shifting, Enhanced Strength/Durability/Speed, Fear Empowerment, Demonic Eyes.

Skills: Carpenter, widdling.

Likes: Causing fear(a bit hallow now a days) widdling and water.

Dislikes: Ignorant bravery, roosters, jackals.

Back Story: Mezza Bryne was created through unnatural means. A massive pyramid was in the works. The slaves worked with the constant fear of death lodged deep in their minds. A fierce battle from the neighbors brought down a hammer unlike any expected, a shadow formed from the dozens who died of literal fear and the hundreds that died with fear in their hearts. This shade swept the battlefield slaying everyone, devouring their fear and souls. A few centuries later this shade having swept over places with masses held in fear Mezza's conscious was formed. The shade contemplated he was someone strong willed and took control, though this is not the case, the collection created a new one entirely. Since then Mezza has delved into what he can to harness his powers and enjoy life. However all good things must come to an end it seems. Nothing seems to keep his mood up for long, often the fall back down is enraging.

Image/Description of Character:Lamented Growth Application Grazzt11
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Lamented Growth Application Empty Re: Lamented Growth Application

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:16 pm
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Name: Saroth Lyze
Age: Around 1000
Powers: Basic matter manipulation,Shadow bending,and other basic magyks
Skills:Swordsmanship,multilingual,animal handling,and basic survival skills
Likes:Taverns,Alchohol,anything but drugs that will take him away,women
Dislikes:Lesser beings,ignorance,and spiders
Backstory: Being a bastard son left to the streets was never easy until he found a grimoire containing forbidden knowledge and he began a descent into madness and hunger for knowledge losing everyone who he remotely cared for. Eventually he found spells that prolonged his life he is now a cold almost soulless man searching for the knowlege of ever lasting power.
Appearance: 6 feet tall silver hair wears long coats and dark underclothes, brown eyes,no facial hair
(Sorry if this isnt good enough this is my first time doing something like this i hope i can join
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